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Indisputably glorious: The Scotsman      There is so much to ponder here and so little space to do it in. Which honestly renders Freedman's bold attempt to do so an act bordering on the heroic: Spectator      Freedman's style of presentations is never tedious: Times Literary Supplement       Freedman writes with evocative brio: Wall Street Journal      Masterful and engaging introduction to the history of the Talmud: Publishers Weekly      A pithy, well-informed study: Catholic Herald      Impressive research: Kirkus      Accessible, eminently readable: Publishers Weekly      Freedman navigates the story with great skill: Sunday Telegraph       An abundance of welcome historical information and anecdotes: Moment Magazine      A complex and important story told in clear, non-academic language: Historical Novels ReviewScholarly and entertaining: Spectator      Tremendous Fun: Catholic Herald



Kabbbalah: Secrecy, Scandal and the Soul

Atlantean Supplement 21 April 2019


Publishers Weekly 1 April 2019


Sunday Telegraph 15 February 2019

The Scotsman 2 February 2019

Spectator 24 January 2019

The Murderous History of Bible Translations

Weekly Standard 23January 2017

Spectrum Culture 18 Jan 2017

The Jewish News 23 November 2016

Bookfilter 8 November 2016

Historical Novels Review 1 November 2016

Publishers Weekly 15 September 2016

Kirkus 15 September 2016

Booklist 1 July 2016

Tablet 29 June 2016

Catholic Herald 20 May 2016

The Spectator 14 May 2016

Radio 4 'Sunday' 8th May 2016

Scotsman 1st May 2016

BBC World Service 1st May 2016

The Talmud: A Biography


Jewish Chronicle 2 Feb 2014

Catholic Herald 23 May 2014

Church Times 22 Aug 2014

Kirkus 1 Sep 2014

Jewish Weekly 4 Sep 2014

Publisher's Weekly 9 Sep 2014

Tablet Magazine 7 Oct 2014

Moment Magazine 1 Nov 2014

Wall Street Journal 3 Nov 2014

Jewish Book Council 26 Jan 2015

Times Literary Supplement 18 Feb 2015

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